Aruzzo , an undiscovered gem!

The Abruzzo region is virtually untouched by tourism thus providing an authentic Italian experience for visitors.

The local area is famous for it's wines and foods and the house is surrounded by villages that provide a variety of restaurants and local produce. Nearby Lake Bomba provides a beautiful place to relax or to be more active with a range of watersports available. The mountains offer stunning views, exhilarating walks, historical villages for exploration and a superb range of ski resorts for winter enthusiasts. The Adriatic coast is a short drive away. Spend days on quiet coves or fully serviced beaches such as Morge,with white sand and shallow waters.Vasto provides a water park which is a ideal for families. Lancanio, about 15 minutes away, is a large,cosmopolitan town which mixes old and new and has everything you could possibly need including a regular Saturday market.

Val di Sangro is situated in the vast and extremely well administered Abruzzo National Park, one of the most important in all of Europe. Nearby is the newly-designated Majella National Park, along with several regional parks. Flora and fauna abound in these protected areas, where thick forests and flowering meadows give way to barren high plains and snow-capped granite peaks. Europe's southernmost glacier, the Calderone, extends from Corno Grande to Corno Piccolo, in the shadow of Gran Sasso, tallest peak on the Italian peninsula